TALES technology



A design exercise trying to reduce as much as possible the lines, the amount of material, the elements that make it up, the visual space of the object, creating a a super compact and portable, sculptural device, a good travel companion: at home, at work or on your bike ride through the city. Everything has its function and nothing is arbitrary, a small footprint that belies its impressive powerful sensors.

Starting from the circle that evokes concepts such as balance, oxygen, purity, we create an unique shape, an easily recognizable symbol, an icon based on memory but with a little twist that makes it contemporary and different.

Its powerful combination of sensors analyze the components and particles present in the air we breathe in this way we can measure the levels of Carbon Dioxide, Ozone, Nitrogen and help us see how healthy the air in our environment is.

The data collected by the sensor is displayed through a very visual and simple APP that works as a data center and sends you recommendations to improve your routines and breathe healthier. Apart from this, it helps you share your data with a community who are aware of the improvement of air quality.  Photo: © Airtales