Eli Gutierrez is a cosmopolitan designer born  in Valencia (Spain). 

After completing her studies in her home city, she moved to London to do a Master in Product Design at the Royal College of Art .This next, will help her to shape the clear and elegant vision of her own language. After this experience she moves to Milan where she collaborates with Patricia Urquiola and later in Paris with Philippe Starck and India Mahdavi. In 2015 she opens her own studio between Paris and Valencia, focusing on product design, interior design, installations and concept creation. She has designed for companies such as Chevalier Edition, Geelli, Missana, Mad Lab, NT Forest and Black tone by JMM among others. Her cosmopolitan approach can be defined as a « World Citizen», an explorer attentive to detail. A traveler with a contemporary and incisive look remodeling the traditional codes of our environment with an eloquent and fresh elegance.